Fine Art Flower and Landscape Images

Richard Wasserman Photography offers prints and digital downloads of photographs of flowers from Portland and the Willamette Valley, Oregon, as well as landscapes and abstracts from my travels around the Pacific Northwest and other parts of North America.

There are four galleries, which you can find by clicking on "Portfolio."  The Main Flower Gallery contains an ever-growing collection of images of a wide variety of flowers, including, among others, dahlias, irises, tulips, roses, calla lilies, orchids, alstroemeria, salpiglossis, columbine, and crocosmia.  There are photos in color as well as black and white.  The Flower Photo Art gallery contains photos processed to depart from strict realism in various ways: some look like paintings; others show forms and patterns in the flowers while retaining the original colors; and still others display small details with completely altered color palettes.  In other words, they're designed to emphasize the "art" over the "photograph."  The Landscapes gallery displays a variety of landscape images, both color and black and white.  And the Abstracts and Landscape Art gallery shows abstract photographic images, mostly of flowing water, as well as landscape images processed to look like paintings or with other "unrealistic" effects.  I hope that you enjoy the images.

A word about watermarks:  Each image on this site displays a watermarked copyright notice.  Rest assured, however, that photos purchased from this site will be pristine, with no watermarking.  So you may shop with confidence.