I came to fine-art flower photography relatively late:  six years into retirement after an unfulfilling career as an appellate lawyer.  I love the beauty of the flowers; getting out early in the morning to shoot in good light and calm air; and the meditative experience of painstaking composition and post-processing.  And this website has allowed me to link photography with another passion of mine: finding a way to do something positive for a cause close to my heart.

I find my subjects around the yard--many planted by my talented wife--at parks and gardens in the region, and sometimes in the floral department at local markets.  (Hey, it's the Willamette Valley, and sometimes that's what ya gotta do.)  Although I shoot almost exclusively in natural light--even while in the studio--I'm not a purist.  Sharp observers may notice a few images taken using a ring flash, because that was the only way to get the shot.  I primarily use my Nikon D7100 and Sigma 105-mm macro lens (not a paid endorsement).

I hope that you enjoy reviewing the photos as much as I've enjoyed creating them.